Every artist needs a place to call their own for experimentation, critique, and preparation. Our studios in PSU’s Art Building and in the South Park Blocks-adjacent Neuberger Hall are clustered in small groups, giving our students the opportunity to interact with their fellow MFAs and faculty in an environment that can either be as public and collaborative or private and studious as they choose. The Neuberger Hall studios’ proximity to PSU’s printmaking lab also gives students working in print-based media ample opportunity to experiment. And, just as artists never stop working, so too can their workspaces: access to studios is available 24 hours a day year-round in a secured, key-card accessible environment.

The Galleries

The Art Department’s galleries in the Art Building and Neuberger Hall, programmed by Tabitha Nikolai, offer impressive spaces, spectacular views, and highly contemporary approaches to making and exhibiting. The Autzen Gallery in Neuberger Hall is a unique, breathtaking space with high ceilings, great exposure to the campus community, and a rich history. The AB Lobby Gallery in the Art Building, a purpose-built video gallery, is designed to exhibit works to those outside at night as easily as they are inside during visiting hours.

Portland State’s other exhibition spaces, Littman Gallery and the White Gallery in Smith Memorial Student Union, offer even more choice for visitors and artists to appreciate, with a compelling mix of work curated from students as well as a mix of local and outside artists.

Portland State’s downtown location also makes it close to the city’s premier galleries on both sides of the Willamette River. Pearl District galleries are accessibly easily by foot, bike, car, or the Portland Streetcar, and many more galleries are close-by throughout the city.

The Labs

Whether working digitally or more traditionally, Portland State’s laboratory facilities include the FPA Media Arts Center–a digital media classroom and lab with state of the art equipment, including large format scanners and printers. Our Materials Lab, in partnership with the Department of Architecture, has some of the latest equipment for producing anything from full-size construction to precise models. A foundry, welding studio, darkroom, and a printmaking studio with presses for etching and lithography are also available for use by students.

The Community

Portland has a reputation for being one of the premier cities for the arts in the nation, and the arts community here is thriving, vibrant, and contemporary. Since 2002, the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art  (PICA)  presents the annual Time-Based Art Festival (TBA) attracting world-renowned artists working with performative or video practices each year around the start of the Fall term.  The diverse programing of the Portland Art Museum and Yale Union (YU) is well worth participating in. Portland State’s downtown location makes all of these places and more accessible and brings the primary voices in Portland’s arts culture together.