Current Exhibition Nov 1-Dec 4
Of No Essential Consequence
Nov 3rd, 2016–4-7pm
On view November 1-December 4, 2017
Of No Essential Consequence discusses the idea that no matter how ephemeral the material of art can be, it has the power to cast reverberations of new understandings to the group and to continue to spread a web of influence throughout the world.
Of No Essential Consequence
Nov 3rd, 2016–4-7pm
Pulling Sheet from Phantom 

Works By Cameron Hawkey, Katie Holden, and Nicholas Strobelt 
Curated by Joseph McGehee

Gallery B10 at Pacific Northwest College of Art
511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR 97209

Opens August 14, 2015 from 6pm to 8:30pm 
Closes August 23, 2015

Like The Phantom, the image resides in an unattainable space. It must catch a linen, a canvas, or a parchment to be revealed. The Phantom dances before the eye, cloth wavering, but all that is seen is its cloak under which it is shrouded. The medium, the sheet may be pulled away for a grand exposure, but nothing is to be found beneath. The apparition dissipates. 

A leaf decomposes but might its image, its form, meander among the phantoms until it is assigned a painting or drawing to bear it? Its objecthood is reinstated. Perhaps the artist, the composer, the maker, is not an inventor; perhaps form is discovered, plucked from the air like the wind chime’s song.

Cameron Hawkey, Katie Holden, and Nicholas Strobelt are three young artists who chiefly consider themselves image-makers, but their practice often concerns the object and context of the pictures they make. Unlike the discreet edge of the framed picture, the works in Pulling Sheet from Phantom engage their immediate network of objects and take on strong sculptural attributes. For these artists, it appears that the delineation between the sculpture and image do not lie within a dichotomy but a rhizomatic network. The mechanisms and qualities of each taxonomy can be applied to the other: vise versa and tit for tat. 

Pulling Sheet from Phantom will be the first official exhibition in B10, The Pacific Northwest College of Art’s new student-run exhibition space.



Cameron Hawkey (1986-????, Wyoming) is an artist active in Portland, Oregon. Previous works exhibited include Resting Face and Cascadian Tree, also at the Pacific Northwest Colleg
Katie Holden Interviewed by Maake Magazine
Amanda Wilson (MFA 2016) - Grid, 2016
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